Has the South African ANC failed to deliver on its promises? | Politics

South Africa is commemorating the 30th anniversary of its first democratic elections.

South Africa is marking Freedom Day, a historic day that changed the course of the country.

Expectations were high in 1994, as millions of black South Africans voted for the first time, ending years of racial discrimination and white minority rule.

But 30 years later, many say there is little to celebrate. Hope has been replaced by disappointment and skepticism.

The African National Congress, which has been in power since the end of apartheid, has been accused of not keeping its promises. embroiled in a corruption scandal.

Unemployment is at an all-time high, crime is rampant, and racial inequality remains a problem.

This year’s anniversary comes one month before a general election, in which the ruling party may lose its majority for the first time.

So has the ANC failed to fulfill its promise?

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Melanie Verwoerd – Political Analyst

William Gumede – Founder of Democracy Works Foundation

Zacky Ahmat – activist and independent candidate for the South African Parliament

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