Japanese cities overflowing with tourists block views of famous Mt. Fuji

A Japanese city with spectacular views of the iconic Mount Fuji has become so flooded with tourists that local authorities have been forced to erect barriers to block the beautiful views of the sacred site.

The town of Fujikawaguchiko in Yamanashi Prefecture, located about 100 miles west of the capital Tokyo at the foot of the Yoshida Highway that leads to Mt. Fuji, is crowded with foreigners seeking the perfect photo of Mt. Fuji, CNN reports.

The most popular mountain shot on social media was taken in front of the Japanese department store chain Lawson, with a mountain in the background, highlighting the stark contrast between the fluorescent-lit interior and the gorgeous scenery. ing.

Fed up with the crowds of tourists, city officials decided to erect a giant mesh fence to block the view, hoping to deter avid photography enthusiasts from flocking to the grounds.

One official told CNN that many tourists leave trash behind and face problems when following traffic directions, adding that putting up signage and deploying security guards could only lead to better results. It was pointed out that it was not possible to obtain

A Japanese official added: “It’s unfortunate that we had to take such measures.”

The network is 8 feet long and will be installed over a 66-foot area next week.

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