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The Russian government has resumed attacks on energy facilities in Ukraine, inviting retaliatory attacks by Kiev on oil refineries.

Russia and Ukraine resumed attacks on energy infrastructure overnight, damaging plants and starting fires, officials from the belligerent countries announced.

Ukraine’s military announced in a regular situation update on Saturday that Russia had attacked Ukraine with a “large-scale missile attack.” German Energy Minister Galushchenko also said in a Facebook post that “enemies” had once again attacked Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

“In particular, facilities in the Dnipropetrovsk, Ivanofrankivsk and Lviv regions were attacked. There is damage to equipment.”

DTEK power company said equipment at four thermal power plants “suffered significant damage” during the overnight strike.

State power company Ukrenergo added that it had disconnected main overhead power lines in the west of the country as a precautionary measure.

Emergency workers fighting a fire in Ukraine’s Ivano-Frankivsk region [Handout/State Emergency Service of Ukraine via AP]

“We ask all consumers to refrain from consuming electricity. Industry is urged to maximize electricity imports and use alternative power sources,” Ukrenergo said.

Ukraine also announced that 21 of its 34 drones were shot down in Russia’s latest barrage of attacks.

In recent months, the Russian government has launched its most extensive attacks on energy facilities in Ukraine, halting significant parts of production and causing power outages.

According to Kiev, ahead of national celebrations on May 9 of Russia’s victory in World War II, and while Ukraine awaits the arrival of long-awaited U.S.-made weapons, The government says it is escalating attacks.

Ukraine targets Russian refineries

At the same time, on Saturday morning, Ukraine attacked the Irsky and Slavyansk refineries in Russia’s Krasnodar region with drones, causing fires at the facilities, Ukrainian sources told Reuters.

SBU security forces carried out the attack, anonymous sources said, adding that drones also targeted the Krzychevsk military airfield in the same area overnight.

“The SBU continues to effectively target military and infrastructure facilities behind enemy lines,” the official said.

NDMT’s John Holman, reporting from Kiev, said a Ukrainian company is developing long-range drones that can enter Russia and target oil refineries.

“That strategy has been implemented in recent weeks,” he said.

Kiev officials say Russian refineries are legitimate targets, despite calls from Western allies to halt the attacks to avoid Russian retaliation and a potential rise in global oil prices. He said he was thinking about it.

Local authorities in Russia announced that an oil refinery in the Krasnodar region had ceased operations following an attack.

Roman Synagovsky, head of Russia’s Slavyansk administrative region, also said on Telegram that nine attacks had been carried out on storage tank farms and distillation columns, which are key equipment in the refining process.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also reiterated on Saturday that there is no basis for peace talks at this point, as Kiev has formally rejected negotiations with Moscow.

In 2022, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed an executive order officially declaring that the prospect of Ukrainian talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin was “impossible,” but he also said that he was “another Russian president.” He left the door open to a meeting with the person he calls “the President.”

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