Tether Looks To Boost Peer-To-Peer Payments on Telegram; Rebel Satoshi’s Presale Could Raise Multiple Millions Before Token Launch

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Tether recently enabled support for it USDT and XAUt A stablecoin on the rapidly growing TON blockchain. On the other hand, many experienced crypto traders satoshi the rebel$RECQ of At the token pre-sale. $RECQ is emerging as one of the most lucrative presales in 2024.Why this precious token? Best virtual currency for investment today.

Tether extends USDT and XAUt with TON

As Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino said at the Dubai 2049 conference on April 19, the company has decided to expand its dollar peg. USDT and fastened with gold XAUt Stablecoins on open networks (ton) enable borderless peer to peer payment of telegram user. Additionally, Tether’s transparency page shows that $3 million worth of USDT has already been minted in TON on April 19th.

Experts believe that this development could benefit the TON ecosystem as the stablecoin provides utility to various DeFi applications. According to data provided by Tonstat, the network has shown significant growth in: Monthly active address Achieved compared to the previous period Over 1.7 million In the second half of April.

Moreover, analysts point out that Toncoin has continued its upward trajectory since the introduction of Telegram. Payment of TON This is for advertising in early April. While the token hit an all-time high, $7.65 On April 11th, TONcoin bulls claimed that TON could manage to outperform. $10 threshold By the end of December.Therefore, several market experts believe that TON Top cryptocurrencies to buy today.

The TON Foundation has announced the launch of a new project. incentive program Offered on April 19th 11 million tons Incentives for USDT users.

Traders flock to buy $RECQ before it goes to the moon

satoshi the rebel is a new meme coin project, unity and decentralization. therefore, satoshi the rebel Community-based protocols allow users to actively participate on a vast platform Two-tone ecosystem.

of $RBLZ Tokens have a wide range of uses satoshi the rebel Governance and membership tokens. in addition, $RBLZ I managed to get through it $2.5 million It was sold in pre-sale and launched on Uniswap DEX on March 4th.The current price of the token is $0.025 reflects something substantial 150% Increased since the beginning $0.010this is another reason why experts rank $RBLZ Between Best altcoins for investment today.

On the other hand, early on $RECQ Investors will benefit tremendously 237.83% increase when the token is hit $0.0125 As a pre-sale target $RECQ The price is only for $0.0037 During stage 1 of pre-sale. So smart investors are starting to realize that: $RECQ It is named as the most profitable investment opportunity in 2024.

of $RECQ The token is used as follows base currency It supports all kinds of transactions and interactions in a vibrant society. satoshi the rebel platform. Therefore, holders can take advantage of: $RECQ buy something rare and special NFT Enjoy an amazing gaming experience. Rebel Satoshi Arcade.

$RECQ is set to continue its upward trend and outperform its competitors in the cryptocurrency race, so don’t hesitate to join. satoshi the rebel advance sale immediately!

Be sure to visit the official website for the latest updates and more information. Rebel Satoshi’s website Or contact Rebel Red. telegram

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