The US is headed for collapse and unlikely to recover

The United States faces a period of decline from which there is no hope of recovery due to a lack of common understanding of the problems and how to solve them, according to a report released by the research institute.

Based on a new report published by the Rand Corporation, Washington Post reporter David Ignatius said, “The United States may be approaching a decline that only a few great powers have recovered from,” and that the United States “is unlikely to even recover.” I haven’t,” he added. There is now a common understanding of the problem and how to solve it. ”

The author pointed out that America’s competitiveness is under threat at both the regional and international levels.

Ignatius also explained that the United States is in decline and is no longer respected as a great power by dozens of developing countries, given competition from China.

He said many other problems could be observed today, including slowing productivity growth, “excessive military tensions” and a polarized US political system.

The author pointed out that if Americans cannot find new leadership and agree on a solution that works for everyone, America will collapse and enter a “downward spiral.” The great powers of the past were largely unable to reverse this trend. That is, to stand up again.

Given the tense domestic political climate and polarization the United States is experiencing, intense competition from China, and a recurrent government spending crisis, the total amount of U.S. debt to the federal government has exceeded $34 trillion. This is a record number that foreshadows the political and economic challenges the administration will face. America in the coming years.

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