Ant International chooses Malaysia for digital business center, hiring 500 people to build ‘giant operations centre’
  • Main attractions are multi-ethnic culture, human resources, and cost-based support policies
  • Delivering services from all four main pillars of Ant International’s business to customers worldwide

If you thought the launch of five digital banks last year intensified competition for fintech talent in Malaysia, think again.

Competition further intensified with the April 19 announcement in Kuala Lumpur by Singapore-based Ant International, which Alibaba founded in 2012 and currently holds a 33% stake in. By 2025, he plans to increase the number of executives to 500 and continue hiring until 2028.

Most of the roles are technology and knowledge focused, with the largest team being the technology development department, which is made up of software engineers, followed by product and design (UX, UI, product design), data science, business development, Finance and management follow. ,Risk management.

“Ant International is introducing a whole series of roles for each of these departments,” said Nina Hsiao, director of human resources at Ant International. For example, data science requires expertise in data science and modeling, risk data, business data, and operational data. “So we really mean it. We are bringing all the functions of the center here to Malaysia,” she stressed.

Explaining why Hangzhou-based Ant Group’s Singapore-headquartered international division chose Malaysia, where it has been based since 2014, Ant International President Douglas Feagin said: he admitted. If Ant International were to choose to have a digital business center, Malaysia not only has the talent and opportunity, but also a very forward-looking policy and government that supports the development of a digital economy. . ”

Mr Hsiao said the country’s multi-ethnic cultural structure is another big attraction compared to other markets, adding, “That’s why if we are to establish a global center, Malaysia is one of the destinations. I think it has the potential to become one. Once you come here, you won’t find it too difficult to fit in.”

Aiming to build a huge operation center in Malaysia

Feagin expressed confidence in investing in Malaysia, which is expected to have “significant long-term growth”, adding that Ant International will build “a huge operations center in Malaysia” over the next 10 to 20 years, starting with 500 executives. He said he is aiming to build a. Ready to hire now.

To be clear, the Malaysian center is not focused on serving Malaysian or Southeast Asian customers. Ant International has long-term growth potential as it develops tools that support companies’ digital adoption, not just in digital payments, but also in the early stages of business digitalization adoption, and as a result, Ant International caters to customers around the world. I’ll go.

Although he did not disclose the investment amount, Mr. Feagin emphasized that Ant International will be making “significant investments, both initial and subsequent investments.”

Feagin said it helps that Southeast Asia is the largest part of Ant International’s global business. Ant International has also expanded its operations in Singapore, moving into larger facilities last year, but Malaysia’s combination of talent, world-class infrastructure, strong digital economy drivers and cost advantages make it a prime mover for the group. It will be a place. He confirmed that he will be moving to the premium Exchange 106 Tower (previously known as TRX Signature Tower).

Feagin said: “This Malaysian center will be where we have the largest number of people and will be the core engine of our growth. All of our different business activities will be expressed here.”

So what he means is the four main pillars of Ant International’s business.

  • alipay+ Cross-border mobile payment service. Connecting over 88 million merchants to 1.5 billion consumer accounts on 25+ e-wallets and banking apps in 57 countries and territories, allowing consumers to travel and pay with confidence across borders. and enable merchants to build cross-border services. -The line between consumer engagement and digital marketing. Alipay+ is integrated with Malaysia’s national QR, DuitNow QR.
  • antom Merchant Payment Services helps merchants around the world digitally engage with consumers in Asia and the rest of the world.
  • world’s first Digital payments and financial services for SMEs conducting cross-border transactions is growing internationally, serving more than 1 million SMEs in its World Account, and is expected to reach SMEs in Malaysia by 2024. We also plan to provide services.
  • anext bank, The digital wholesale bank, regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, focuses on making financial services easily accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Chief Executive Officer Mahadir Aziz said: “The opening of a new digital business center in Malaysia is an important step for local technology talent to thrive in the digital industry. Ant International’s decision: It will also create investment opportunities and “position Malaysia as the digital hub of ASEAN.”

Career trajectory of young talent

To support its aggressive recruitment plan, Ant International plans to collaborate with local partners in developing the necessary technology talent through programs such as the 10×1000 online platform, an open global learning community. A mentorship experience with Ant International leaders. With the help of partners such as MDEC, TNG Digital and the Malaysian FinTech Association, we have trained 120 people in the country over the past few years, 33% of whom were women.

Mr. Xiao also laid out the welcome mat for new graduates and interns, highlighting Ant International’s strong culture of promoting in-house talent and the prospects for rapid career growth as the company grows. She pointed to the company’s chief technology officer. “He joined the company more than 10 years ago and is now our CTO,” she said, noting that many of today’s leading technology leaders started as fresh graduates and have grown with the business. This is not an example, she added.

The company also has a culture of sharing experiences. “For every newcomer, we pair them with an experienced senior as a buddy, providing daily guidance and expert career advice to help them settle into the new working environment and help them learn quickly. “We will provide you with the following,” Mr. Xiao elaborated.

“Those who join our team will have a front row seat to global fintech innovation and collaboration and will be part of our mission to shape the future of fintech and commerce.” Feagin said.

He also said that he is excited to begin a new chapter in Ant International’s journey in Malaysia, having served the fintech industry for the past 10 years.

“We are now aiming for a more global, more connected and more inclusive future. The Malaysian government is promoting the development of technology skills and positioning Malaysia as an innovation hub. We believe that by working with partners like , we can leverage local technology talent to significantly accelerate the impact of our business locally and around the world.

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