Assessing cyber threats to national water supplies

Front bottom line up — This is a serious threat to the nation’s critical infrastructure, but one that not too many people are talking about. That’s the view of cybersecurity experts concerned about the recent spate of attacks on local water utilities in the United States. Although the number of attacks has been small and the damage has been limited, experts say individual cybercriminals and nation-state actors are looking for holes in security. America’s critical infrastructure has simply found an open door in an area of ​​great concern.

Attacks on water utilities occurred in small and remote communities, such as Alquippa, Pennsylvania, and Muleshoe, Texas, a fact that may explain the limited public attention. there is. However, recent reports from cybersecurity experts and warnings from the White House have brought the threat even more attention.Published by Mandiant report This month, it linked Russian hackers to a breach of a water facility in Texas. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in December warned CyberAv3ngers, a group linked to Iran, is “actively targeting and compromising” water facilities.Other attacks are also being tracked To China.

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