Can Palestinians in Gaza safely return and rebuild their homes? | Israel’s Gaza War

The United Nations has warned that clearing rubble and unexploded ordnance in the Gaza Strip could take 14 years.

An unprecedented level of destruction. That is how the United Nations has described the situation in Gaza since the Israeli war began in October.

Not a single building escaped Israeli attack. Homes, schools, mosques, and hospitals were damaged or destroyed.

After more than six months of devastating war, 37 million tonnes of debris are now scattered across the Gaza Strip, the UN mine action agency said.

The removal is likely to take more than a decade, delayed by unexploded ordnance and ammunition scattered across Gaza.

It’s an even more dangerous environment for Palestinians living in the rubble of densely populated areas.

When the war ends, will people be able to safely return and rebuild their homes?

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Jonathan Guthrie – Director of Operations, Norwegian People’s Aid

Federico Dessi – NGO Humanity & Inclusion Middle East Director

Raja Khalidi – Director, Palestine Economic Policy Institute

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