Filipina gets five-month delay in sentencing


A Filipina who admitted taking part in a conspiracy to present
a fake work contract to the Immigration Department to be granted a foreign domestic
helper visa, will have to wait five months to know her punishment.

In the meantime, Josephine Sembrano, 39 years old, is free
on bail of $1,000.

Sembrano was charged last October at Shatin Courts with conspiracy
to defraud, a violation of the Criminal Jurisdiction Ordinance and the Crimes
Ordinance, on complaint of the Hong Kong Police.

Last April 22, she pleaded guilty before Acting Principal
Magistrate Amy Chan and was convicted.

The charges arose from Sembrano submitting a fake contract for
processing by Immigration between April 22 and May 21, 2023.

She was accused of “dishonestly and falsely representing to the
Director (of Immigration) and his officers that your entries to and remaining
in Hong Kong were for the purpose of working as a domestic helper of Li Sin-ting….”

This, the charge added, induced “the said Director and his
officers to act contrary to their public duty, namely to give you permission to
enter and remain in Hong Kong under circumstances which they would not
otherwise have granted.”

Magistrate Chan told Sembrano to return for sentencing on September


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