Germany considers reducing oversight of Chinese investment: WSJ

(Bloomberg) – Germany is considering scaling back plans to tighten government scrutiny of Chinese investments, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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The report cited unnamed people familiar with the project as saying that the proposed He said that the decision to relax the Investment Review Act is becoming a reality.

The plan, outlined in an Economy Ministry document seen by the Journal, proposes giving the government the power to screen foreign investments for security risks. The bill would allow the government to consider new types of greenfield investments such as quantum technology, advanced semiconductors, artificial intelligence and critical infrastructure, the Journal reported, citing a ministry document.

The government also called for the inclusion of provisions that would allow for the review of cooperation projects between German research institutes and foreign partners in key areas.

A final decision on the plans has not yet been made, but “both options are likely to be withdrawn,” the report said.

A German government spokesperson declined to comment on the deliberations, but said in a statement to the Journal that “investment reviews are being carried out to avoid risks to Germany’s security and security.” At the same time, it is important to remain open to foreign investment. ”

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