Polygon Achieves Major Milestone with Robinhood Integration

Polygon (MATIC) is robinhood wallet. Robinhood wallet now supports cross-chain swaps using: polygonProof-of-stake network (PoS). Announced on April 27, 2024, this integration leverages technology from 0x Project and LI.FI. This enables seamless token swaps between different blockchain networks. Robinhood’s 23 million users now have access to this feature, enhancing their trading capabilities.

This partnership not only expands the reach of Robinhood users, but also highlights Polygon’s growing influence in blockchain technology. These technology integrations keep the platform in a favorable position despite the underwhelming performance of his MATIC price early in the second quarter. Robinhood has been proactive in strengthening its service offerings.Everything used to be integrated Spot Bitcoin ETF In December 2023, we expanded virtual currency trading to the EU.

The inclusion of cross-chain swap functionality is expected to increase user engagement on both platforms. This will allow Robinhood to offer a more diverse range of services and solidify his Polygon’s position as a leader in blockchain solutions.

Polygon leads the growth of NFT transactions

Over the past month, Polygon has emerged as a major player. ethereum virtual machine blockchain For NFT transactions. This represents a significant advancement in the company’s business, reflecting the company’s growing advantage over competitors in the NFT space. This achievement coincides with increased activity and interest in NFTs within the cryptocurrency community. Polygon’s network efficiently facilitates these transactions, making them attractive to creators and collectors alike.

Polygon further established its prowess and recently reported a milestone in stablecoin usage. The network has 1.9 million registered on-chain stablecoin users, surpassing its main competitors Ethereum and Ethereum. Arbitrum, each recorded 1.4 million users. Stablecoins are important for reducing the volatility of cryptocurrency trading. Polygon’s ability to attract a larger user base is backed by its robust infrastructure and user trust.

These advances highlight Polygon’s commitment to expanding its ecosystem. It also supports various aspects of blockchain technology, from NFTs to stablecoins.

EY selects Polygon for contracting solutions

Ernst & Young (EY), one of the world’s leading accounting firms, has taken an important step in corporate contract management. EY introduces OpsChain Contract Manager. This innovative solution leverages public blockchain technology to enable secure and efficient contract management. EY’s selection of his Polygon network for this solution marks a significant evolution in the role of blockchain in enterprise solutions.

OpsChain Contract Manager currently runs on the Polygon network, with plans to migrate to Ethereum in the future. The platform allows clients to publish contracts to public blockchains. At the same time, it maintains privacy through sophisticated zero-knowledge circuitry and addresses common privacy concerns associated with digital transactions on public ledgers.

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