Siony celebrates triumphant 1st year at co-working hub


All glammed-up Siony offers a toast at her ‘thank you’ party

It was what Filipinos would call a “bongga”
(fabulous) celebration — as it should be.

Around 200 guests, led by no less than Philippine Consul General Germinia Usudan, joined the celebration of Siony’s
(Lutong Bahay) first year at The Hive Sheung Wan, and 11 years since its owner,
Siony Yumul, bravely set up her own catering business.

The party, held at the big hall of the co-working
space on April 19, was also in celebration of Filipino Food Month. 
Having worked hard to get Filipino cuisine given due recognition in Hong Kong since
2013, Siony was probably in the best position to gather people to celebrate the

The SUN was the first to feature Siony’s foray into the catering business

Alternatively mixing with the guests and keeping an
eye on what’s cooking inside her cavernous kitchen at the back of the dining hall, Siony made sure the food kept coming, and the drinks flowing.
At no cost to anyone.

She said afterwards that it was her way of saying
thank you for the great year she has had at The Hive, during which she met many
people from different backgrounds and age brackets, who became
not just customers but also friends.

Siony also thought it was time to celebrate
how her food business has managed to pull through more than a decade of
challenges, especially during the three years of the pandemic.

That she did find time to throw a party, dress up
and make sure that everything that was served tasted great and freshly cooked
was a testament to how she manages to get things done with seemingly hardly any
effort. But as always, her family was also there to help, from her husband Rey to
her children Jan, Raymarc and Florenz, as well as her kitchen crew.

Congen Usudan (second from left) joined Siony and her happy crew at the party

It was just fitting that when the Philippine
Consulate General decided to honor exemplary Hong Kong-based Filipinas in celebration of the National Women’s
Month, it was Siony who rounded up the list.

Siony was cited for her “hard work, honesty and
unwavering perseverance in the face of challenges.”

In her own words, Siony said the biggest
challenge she has had to face since coming to Hong Kong almost 40 years ago was
the discrimination she was subjected to because of her ethnicity and the assumption that
she could not do anything worthwhile.

But, she said she ignored all that, and
just worked from the heart. “At the end of the day, I made it,” she said.

Hard work, honesty, plus love for family are what keeps Siony going, along with the sure-fire
recipes she has developed for all the delightful Filipino dishes that come from her kitchen.


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