Solve The Mystery of Pop Noir Slot

There’s a reason why the word film noir conjures up images of black-and-white detective stories. That’s when the genre was really born. But its theme and lighting effects are just as effective today.

My favorite modern film noir movies are definitely the criminally under-watched Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys. Both have great actors, hilarious comedy, fun action, and intelligent detective story storylines.

Film noir was certainly inspired by novels and created for movies, but it has also influenced other areas such as slot games. Avatar UX is the latest slots provider to use the theme in their new game Pop Noir slot.

It’s time to study the evidence

The Pop Noir slot features the AvatarUX PopWins feature, which combines cascading and expanding reels. Basically, the reels expand by one row per reel that contains symbols involved in winning combinations. The symbols in the winning combination are removed and a new symbol fills the vacated spot, giving you another chance to win and expanding the reels even further.

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In the base game, the reels can expand up to 6 rows and reset after each spin is completed. During a round of free spins, the maximum number of rows increases to 8, and after each spin the rows are reset to the level of the least expanded reel.

A round of slot free spins is triggered when three or more bonus symbols appear. Before a round of free spins, four bonus wheels spin to determine the number of free spins awarded, the starting reel height, the base global multiplier value, and the multiplier growth interval.

If you don’t want to solve the mystery the old-fashioned way, you can choose to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins feature.

Pop Noir slot ready to find out who did it?

When you have a shot with a 20,000x multiplier, there’s little to complain about. Indeed, high volatility means you have to endure some dry periods before winning. But it’s a small price to pay if for just one spin he can bet up to $200,000 in winnings for just $10. However, if you’re all about entertainment, the maximum multiplier guarantees you can win up to $2,000, even if you’re betting at least $0.10 per spin. His RTP for this slot is 96%.

In addition to its huge maximum multiplier, the slot offers really great graphics. This isn’t the most perfect piece of work I’ve come across, but the pop of color against the solid background is really impressive. This slot also has some interesting bonus features. I give this a 9 out of 10.

AvatarUX can be hit-or-miss at times. However, if done well, slots are usually great. If you’re looking for recommendations, Donkey and the Goats and Zombie aPOPalypse are great places to start.

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