100,000 Boxes Filled With Prizes? It’s the Wazdan Mystery Drop!

Guess who came back with an award-winning promotion more mysterious than the government’s UFO files?

It’s Wazdan and they don’t just offer regular fare. This time, 100,000 mystery boxes are packed with instant cash for you to win.

From April 29th to September 29th, spins in the Wazdan Mystery Drop event have the potential to drop extra cash that can be won multiple times.

So, what’s inside the box? That’s the million dollar question, or at least part of the 100,000 questions. I think the only way to find out is to play Wazdan slots on BitStarz.

This is a great deal only available here

Wasdan Mystery Drop is like Deal or No Deal, minus the millions, the models, and the Howie Mandel fist pump. Everything is on the lucky box – and of course you choose it.

difference? Every box has something hidden for you. So you won’t be disappointed here. It’s a shame, but I hated seeing those old ladies get greedy and walk away with Nada’s box.

Thankfully, Wazdan was a little more considerate of our emotions to avoid leaving us high and dry when we got the chance to pick the winning box.

Oh yeah, didn’t I say that? Trigger a mystery drop that runs randomly during play and you’ll see his nine boxes to choose from to win. It’s fun, right?

How to win at Wazdan

So, for the next four months, Wazdan will randomly drop 100,000 boxes to players. However, for these players to enter the winner’s circle, they must place qualifying bets on qualifying games.

It’s easy! Bet anything on any of the slots. Yes, there are no minimum bet requirements or boring game options here. Wazdan is the king of the Hold the Jackpot game and happens to be my favorite.

We know we’ll be using it on slots like “Mighty Wild Panther: Hold the Jackpot Slot,” “Burning Sun: Hold the Jackpot Slot,” and “Midnight in Tokyo: Hold the Jackpot Slot.” what do you choose?

Did you know that BitStarz has insane winnings on Wazdan slots? $411,608 on Midnight in Tokyo, $297,031 on Burning Sun and $142,291 on Dwarf’s Fortune – also a Hold the Jackpot slot. You know why I love them?

How many boxes are you looking for?

The boxes contain prizes of up to 50 euros. Yes, it won’t make you a Rockefeller right away, but it will allow you to withdraw more money and keep playing.

Plus, if you somehow have a leprechaun as your spirit guide, maybe you can earn enough boxes to pay for gas etc? Who knows…better than a sweet box with nothing in it? Masu.

Wazdan Mystery Drop promotion starts today. It’s best to start dropping when it’s hot.

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