161 Letters of Support for Binance’s CZ; Tether’s Latest $200M Investment | Video

The court was flooded with 161 letters asking for leniency for CZ and Tether’s investment in a brain-computer interface company. You look at Coin Desk every day. I’m your host, Jen Sani Crypto. Markets are in the red amid renewed concerns about stagflation. Worst case scenario for risk assets. The market currently appears to be standing on a precipice, debating which direction to go with a major bull and bear story on the horizon. QC P said in a note that a period of high inflation and low growth, also known as stagflation, is very real, weakening the likelihood of a Fed rate cut. Meanwhile, the launch of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund in Hong Kong, scheduled for April 30, is attracting traders’ attention. 161 letters from friends and family of Binance co-founder and former CEO Cz flooded the courtroom ahead of the verdict. on tuesday. The letter asks for his sentence to be reduced, with his lawyers asking that he be given a suspended sentence while prosecutors seek a three-year sentence. Mr. Cz pleaded guilty to violating the Bank Secrecy Act in November last year. This typically involves a probation-only sentence, and Tether, through its venture capital arm Tether Evo, will buy a majority stake in brain-computer interface company BlackRock Neuro Tech for $200 million, but the technology company is not affiliated with asset management giant BlackRock. The investment will fund the company’s medical device deployment and commercialization. Tether is the company behind us. DT is the largest stablecoin with a market capitalization of $10 billion. That’s it for the daily coin desk. Get more updates at coindesk.com. See you next time.

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