American university presidents’ reactions to protests are very harsh

Human Rights Watch, an international human rights organization, found that university authorities’ response to student demonstrations in support of Palestine was so harsh that it deprived participants of their right to peacefully protest.

“The reaction of some university presidents to the pro-Palestinian protests has been shocking. They are committed to defending their beliefs in an atmosphere that encourages learning and debate and respects fundamental human rights,” the group said in a statement. He is a person who should be encouraged to the next generation.” freedom. ”

The statement goes on to say, “Instead of respecting fundamental freedoms, universities such as Columbia University, the University of Texas, and Emory University have responded with harsh measures. There are mass suspensions. [of classes], the eviction and expulsion of students from university dormitories, and the arrest of journalists covering student and teacher protests. ”.

The organization said: “These people have the right to express their views and protest peacefully, even if they disagree with this and believe the situation in the Gaza Strip is not worth protesting. I have the right,” he said. . ”

“While we do not deny that there was anti-Semitism during the demonstrations, we believe that such actions and statements by individuals should be investigated on a case-by-case basis,” Human Rights Watch said.

“People cannot simply be deprived of their right to collective and peaceful protest simply because they say something vile at or near a demonstration,” the human rights group concluded.

According to the Associated Press, American police have arrested more than 900 people during pro-Palestinian demonstrations on American university campuses.

Large-scale demonstrations at American universities have ranged from peaceful sit-ins to clashes with police and pro-Israel activists, but the wave of arrests at universities began on April 18, when Columbia University President Nemat Shafik asked the New York Police Department to help remove protesters from the university. University. The decision resulted in more than 100 arrests on the Manhattan campus and sparked a new wave of protests across the United States.

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