Ethereum’s Governance Shouldn’t Be Chaotic, Says Expert, Advocates For Clarity And Accessibility

Emmanuel Awosika, a renowned cryptography researcher, defender We aim to balance Ethereum’s governance approach and challenge the concept of excessive “chaos”. While Awosika recognizes the benefits of vibrant and evolving governance processes, he also highlights the dangers of systems that are too complex for ordinary individuals to understand.

A blockchain network requires a simple system that allows the average user to understand the improvement and decision-making process. Awosika emphasizes that overly complex systems prevent the public from understanding how upgrades will occur and who will participate in decision-making.

“Uh, no. Leaving Ethereum’s governance “chaotic” ≠ Making Ethereum’s governance “complicated and difficult to understand,” Awosika said.

Following the principle of neutrality, Ethereum should refrain from favoring any particular outcome or entity. Opaque decision-making processes impede this goal of fairness. Scenarios where voters blindly trust developers or accept bribes raise concerns. To maintain neutrality, Ethereum values ​​transparency, enabling informed decision-making and avoiding bias.

Awosika emphasizes the importance of clear communication. He praised the efforts of Vitalik Buterin and others to explain technical concepts and decisions in a way that everyone can understand. This builds trust and allows the community to hold developers accountable.

Ethereum shows signs of recovery

According to , the cryptocurrency market is trending upward towards the end of the weekend. data From TradingView. Major digital assets showed positive price momentum. The price of Ethereum, currently trading at $3,290, has increased by about 1.14% in the past 24 hours, as shown in the TradingView chart.

Source: TradingView

Ethereum’s current value is approaching an important level around $3,320, which previously acted as a barrier. If the day were to close at this point, the accumulated buying pressure could send ETH above $3,400, a significant rally.

Optimistic investors remain influential over the long term. Now you need to focus your attention on your daily trading activities. If the current price range holds with minimal fluctuations, there is upside potential and it could reach the $3,400 to $3,500 range.

Despite the possibility of weekly increases, a sustained upward trend remains uncertain. In this scenario, a sideways price movement between $3,300 and $3,500 appears to be the most likely outcome for next week.

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