Malaysia prepares to become a chip superpower: Southeast Asia’s largest IC design park opens in Selangor
  • IC Design Park moves Malaysia towards front-end IC design
  • The establishment of the park will establish Malaysia as a global IC design powerhouse.

The Selangor State Government, through its digital economy arm, Selangor Information Technology and Digital Economy Corporation (Sidec), is spearheading efforts in the semiconductor sector. Selangor is collaborating with the Federal Government, leading international semiconductor companies and venture capitalists to launch the ‘Malaysia Semiconductor Accelerator & IC Design Park: Selangor Hub’.

Touted as Southeast Asia’s largest IC design park, this is a strategic move to position Malaysia in the global IC design industry, and the park has already secured the involvement of four partners:

  • Arm Co., Ltd.
  • Phison Malaysia (MaiStorage)
  • SkyeChip SDN BHD
  • Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association

The partnership was formalized by a letter of intent signed by Sidec CEO Yong Kai Ping in the presence of Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and other ministers.

“As competition intensifies, Malaysia needs to urgently seize opportunities in chip design to move up the semiconductor value chain,” Yong said. The IC Design Park will bring Malaysia closer to the front-end IC design segment from the back-end processes of packaging and testing. ”

According to Sidec, the partnership will foster economic growth, create high-value jobs, strengthen Malaysia’s local expertise, foster innovation, skills development and technological independence, and support the country’s long-term future. This will contribute to economic recovery.

Strategically located within the Puchong Financial Corporate Center (PFCC), the 45,000 square foot facility is expected to be operational by July 2024. It is designed to accommodate up to six domestic and international IC design companies with at least 300 IC design engineers, with the potential to grow to 60,000. square feet.

The facility includes affordable electronic design automation (EDA) tools, servers, intellectual property (manufactured by ARM Ltd), multi-project wafer services, and training programs. The main objective of the park is to promote original design manufacturing, encourage local involvement in product design, prototyping and production, and move from ‘Made in Malaysia’ to ‘Made by Malaysia’.

“IC design is a capital-intensive field with high barriers to entry. Success requires significant capital and a highly skilled workforce. That’s why we work closely with international venture capitalists and technology leaders. “We are taking proactive steps to work with them to create a more supportive system ‘an ecosystem that empowers local and global IC design companies,'” Yong said.

In response to global demand driven by geopolitical factors, the Selangor state government is also moving ahead with the establishment of the Selangor Hi-Tech Park for the semiconductor industry in Bukit Belantung to meet the burgeoning needs of the semiconductor industry. . Sidec said further details will be revealed in due course.

About IC Design Park’s four partners

ARM Ltd, a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, is a major player in the global semiconductor industry. The company specializes in providing intellectual property cores and related technologies for processors, the brains of modern electronic devices. By licensing designs to his more than 1,000 global partners, including Apple and Samsung, ARM’s energy-efficient technology enables extended battery life in smartphones and tablets. However, the focus is on creating blueprints rather than manufacturing chips.

Phison Malaysia (MaiStorage) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Taiwan’s Phison Electronics and was founded in 2000 by Pua Khein-Seng, a leading independent provider of Nand flash controllers and storage solutions. Phison has around 4,000 engineers, including 200 Malaysians, who design storage solutions for a variety of applications such as personal computers and smartphones.

SkyeChip was founded in 2019 by Fong Swee Kiang and is a testament to the pinnacle of Malaysian techno-entrepreneurship, effectively turning multinational corporation (MNC) trained talent into a vital national asset. The Penang-based startup specializes in high-end semiconductor design and excels in artificial intelligence and high-performance computing IC solutions.

The Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association plays a vital role in China’s semiconductor industry, with 587 member companies and a total product value of RMB 160 billion. We provide support services such as research, supply chain management, and intellectual property management.

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