Sarawak Energy increases global presence as sponsor of World Energy Congress

Kuching: Sarawak Energy (SEB) made its debut as a patron of the World Energy Council at the 26th World Energy Congress, a global energy event attended by international energy stakeholders.

The four-day event, themed “Redesigning Energy for People and Planet,” was co-organized by the World Energy Council and the Netherlands Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, according to a press release.

“Datuk Sharbini Suhairi, Chief Executive Officer of Sarawak Energy Group, spoke at the plenary session titled ‘Co-building Resilience in Asia Pacific: New Perspectives on Energy and Climate Change Enterprises’. He emphasized the importance of interconnectivity in ASEAN’s energy transition. Wealthy countries could harness renewable energy sources such as hydropower and share surplus electricity with neighboring countries with high energy needs.

“Interconnectivity and cross-border cooperation are key for ASEAN region member states to adapt and transition together in a just manner.

“Each member country needs to utilize its own resources and share them with neighboring countries, and only then can a trans-Asean power grid be realized,” he said.

He added that the dialogue will address the opportunity space for unlocking the global energy transition, new ways to align diverse needs and interests and achieve impact with speed and scale.
Requirements for (re)designing changemaker ecosystems around tipping points.

“The 26th World Energy Congress was a great opportunity for SEB, along with our sustainability partner International Hydropower Association, to meet with multiple high-level stakeholders, lay the foundations for potential partnerships and cooperation, and create global It also served as an ideal platform to stay informed about developments and pressing issues in the energy sector.”

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