Shiba Inu Issues Alert: TREAT Token Scams Surge Amid Blockchain Upgrades

Tokens have led to misinformation and fraudulent claims. Shibarmy Scam Alerts is warning investors to check their sources as excitement builds around Shiba Inu’s blockchain developments, including DEX ShibaSwap’s significant migration to the new Shibarium platform.

Shiba Inu Treat Token Warning: Community Warns Against Premature Investment During Blockchain Transition

As a result, Shibarmy Scam Alerts, an X-handle dedicated to exposing fraud and protecting the Shiba Inu community, has issued an urgent alert stating that TREAT tokens have not yet been officially distributed. He further stated that, contrary to recent reports, the SHIB team has not been officially established. Today is U.

In light of this, the Shiba Inu community is advised to exercise caution and refrain from engaging in any TREAT-related activities or investments until an authorized source confirms the release. You should also protect your assets by not engaging in illegal TREAT-related activities, exercising caution, and prioritizing your financial security.

Shiba Inu has recently made significant progress, receiving $12 million from leading venture capital partners led by Cypher Capital to launch its next-generation fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) blockchain, which will be powered by the upcoming TREAT token . His FHE technology, which enables computation on encrypted data, could revolutionize Bitcoin privacy and trust.

However, with great expectations come great risks, and the TREAT token is immediately on alert.of Shiba Inu The community should be aware that all statements regarding TREAT tokens being issued are fraudulent, as the SHIB team has not initiated such issuance.

You should also rely on official announcements for reliable information regarding the launch of TREAT. Shiba Inu decentralized exchange ShibaSwap has moved to Shibarium and brought new improvements.

Shiba Inu announced that it will migrate its DEX ShibaSwap from Ethereum to Shibarium. This move is an important step forward in the development of ShibaSwap, opening new possibilities and driving innovation on the Shibarium blockchain.

Shiba Inu community warns of increase in wire fraud, calls for stronger security

The Shiba Inu community has issued an alert due to a disturbing trend of members being added to Telegram groups without their knowledge.

Shiverme Scam AlertThe X account, which specializes in uncovering scams and protecting the Shiba Inu community, issued a warning regarding this, saying it had “noticed an alarming trend of community members being added to Telegram groups without their consent.”

There have been complaints that more and more Shiba Inu community members are joining Telegram groups that they don’t want to be a part of. These groups frequently appear as official Shiba Inu channels and are involved in fraudulent activities against the SHIB community.

Scammers impersonate genuine Shiba Inu accounts and lure investors with fake promises such as airdrops, gifts, and free tokens. They use complex strategies to disguise themselves as legitimate community channels, making their deceptions difficult to detect.

This development has caused security experts to issue warnings and recommend preventing such unwanted operations. In this light, ‘Shibarmy Scam Alerts’ advises SHIB holders to update their Telegram privacy settings to block the addition of unnecessary groups and whitelist only trusted contacts. Masu.

Some airdrop initiatives may require users to authenticate their assets before claiming incentives. In this regard, it can be important to evaluate the potential benefits against the risks of exposing assets for the promise of free tokens. In other news, Shiba Inu raised $12 million by selling privately held TREAT tokens to non-US investors. Venture capital investors include Polygon Ventures, Animoca Brands, and others.

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