AI Sets SHIB Price For April 30, 2024

The only constant in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies is volatility. Meanwhile, another meme coin “Shiba Inu” [SHIB] appeared and completely changed the face of the market. SHIB rose to fame alongside Dogecoin [DOGE]. After a turbulent week, assets appear to be stabilizing. At the time of writing, Meme Coin is trading at $0.00002731, showing a modest daily increase of 1.41%.


SHIB’s trajectory in May 2024

As April draws to a close, the asset is poised for a strong start to May. Changelly revealed that the asset could trade between $0.0000339 and $0.0000786 this month. The average price of a Shiba Inu can be around $0.0000562. But investors should be wondering how meme coins will end April.

according to Changely, the asset’s price will be around its potential high of $0.00003237. This is certainly an increase from current levels.

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Can the suspension of Shibarimumu cause trouble?

Over the weekend, Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s official layer 2 blockchain, experienced a major network outage. This incident was confirmed by Karl Darya, the developer of the network, who confirmed the failure and identified the root cause of the issue. Dhairya pointed out that the issue was caused by a network issue between his Shibarium validators. Please note that validators play a proper role within the network. Verify and validate transactions to maintain overall system security and reliability.

The power outage lasted several hours. This caused inconvenience and anxiety to users and related parties. During this time, various Shibarium-related services, such as Shibariumscan (the network’s official block explorer) and external RPC (remote procedure call), became inaccessible, further exacerbating the effects of the disruption.

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