New York court fines Trump $9,000 for contempt of court and threatening jail time

A New York court fined former US President Donald Trump $9,000 for contempt of court and threatened prison time for violating an order prohibiting him from publicly attacking witnesses, jurors and court officials. .

The judge handling Trump’s case in a New York court ruled Tuesday that Trump must pay an estimated $9,000 fine for numerous contempt of court violations, according to a court statement. He said he had threatened him with jail time for violating the order he had issued. He prohibited publicly attacking witnesses, jurors, court officials, and their relatives.

In a statement released by Judge Juan Marchand, Trump was warned that “the courts will not tolerate continued willful violations of orders and will impose prison terms when necessary and appropriate.”

On Tuesday morning, in the third week of the trial, the judge announced Donald Trump’s sentence in court, imposing nine fines of $1,000 for each violation, which are allowed by law. This is the highest amount.

Before the trial began, a judge barred Trump from publicly attacking witnesses or jurors, but Trump has always posted attacks on his social network, Truth Social, to avoid the risk of intimidation. Is going.

Since the first day of the trial on April 15, prosecutors have told the judge that, among other things, Stormy Daniels and Trump’s arch-enemy, former lawyer Michael Cohen, who was previously a key witness against Trump, They have called for Trump to be punished for his violent defamation. court.

Prosecutors repeated the charges three days later, and seven new posts appeared on Truth Social and the Trump campaign website.

President Trump once again attacked Michael Cohen, calling him a “complete liar,” but also echoed comments from prominent Fox News anchor Jesse Watters, calling him a “secret progressive activist who lies to judges” without evidence. “I am choosing him as a judge,” he said. of the jury. ”

The day after President Trump published the post, a woman withdrew from the jury because she feared her identity would be identified.

Trump’s trial began on April 15 in a Manhattan courtroom. The trial is the first of four criminal cases against him and is expected to last four days a week for more than six weeks.

Mr. Trump appeared in person in court to begin hearing a case in which he falsified business records during payment processing to hide dangerous information about him, including his alleged affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels.

President Trump has disclosed business records related to payments to former lawyer Michael Cohen, who paid porn actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 in October 2016 in exchange for her keeping quiet about allegations of sexual contact with Trump. He faces 34 minor criminal charges related to the falsification of.

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