Prohibition of open burning, environmental protection

Limbang: The Sarawak Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) is actively instilling a sense of responsibility in the local community to be more environmentally conscious.

Sarawak Environmental Quality Manager Jack Liam advised Limbang residents to unite in efforts to protect and preserve the environment.

“Residents, especially in Batu Danau district, Limbang province, are urged to avoid burning and maintain good air quality at all times.

“This is because it can cause foggy conditions, especially during long dry seasons or droughts,” he says.

The text of his speech was presented at the “Environmental Awareness Program: Working with Communities to Clean Rivers and Ban Burning”, which was moderated by Batu Danau City Councilor Datuk Paulus Gumbang at Dewan Kampung Pangkalan Madang recently. It was read out by Paul Chamberlin, Deputy Commissioner for Environmental Quality. .

The aim of the program was to raise awareness about issues related to river pollution, open burning, and the universal health effects of pollution.

“If open burning is required for agricultural activities, farmers need to be more careful to prevent the open burning from spreading out of control and causing a haze disaster,” he added.

The two-day program was organized by NREB Limbang in collaboration with Kampung Pangkalan Madang Village Development and Safety Committee (JKKK) and was attended by around 130 local residents.

The agencies involved included Limbang District Council, Department of Fire and Rescue Malaysia (JBPM), Health Department and Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC).

Limbang district resident representative Ayunni Tamimi and Pangkalan Madang village head Morni Garai were also present.

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