A unique tablet computer from Japan for electronic design and drawing enthusiasts

Japan’s Wacom has announced a new tablet computer designed to be a distinctive portable device for designers and electronic drawing enthusiasts.

Wacom claims that the new Movink computer is the thinnest tablet computer it has produced, with a construction thickness of just 4 to 6.6 mm, weight of 420 g, length of 319.5 mm, and width of 205.2 mm. I said it’s possible. Hmm.

This computer is equipped with an OLED screen developed by Samsung, with a size of 13.3 inches, a display resolution of (1920/1080) pixels, a frequency of 120 Hz, and a brightness rate of approximately 350 cd/m. Write and draw with your smartpen, and interact with touch.

Through the USB Type-C port, this computer can connect to various types of computers, phones, and smart devices, including Mac computers and devices running Windows, ChromeOS, and Android systems.

The device is equipped with Bluetooth technology for pairing with other electronic devices, along with a smart pen for writing, drawing, and controlling the screen to ease the process of keeping it on your desk. Equipped with an elegant wallet and external accessories. Control your device remotely.

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