Malaysia Education Center visits Searca for partnership

The International Cultural Communication Center Malaysia (ICCCM) introduced the International Transnational Education Association (ITEA) and discussed potential areas of cooperation with the Southeast Asia Regional Agricultural Research Center (Searca).

Benjamin Leong, deputy managing director of ICCCM’s international division, said there are many similarities between ITEA and Searca.

Mr. Glenn Gregorio (3rd from left), Director of the Southeast Asia Regional Agricultural Graduate Research Center, Mr. Benjamin Leong (3rd from right), Deputy Managing Director of the International Division of Malaysia, International Cultural Communication Center, and Mr. Noor Azra Binti Sharon Malaiba (left), Zasir Jarojot (right), and Sonny Pasiona (second from left) welcome Dr. Adam (second from right).Posted photo

“While learning about Searca’s mission and offerings, we also shared ITEA’s notable work. We champion education standards across borders, professional development and training programs, and global education partnerships. , shared about these notable initiatives, including networking events, conferences, and scholarship opportunities,” he said. .

ICCCM serves as the secretariat of ITEA, a non-profit organization that promotes and promotes synergies between institutions and individuals involved in cross-border education.

Leung said ICCCM aims to “enhance the quality and accessibility of cross-border educational opportunities” through its global network of members.

“Searca and ITEA have many similarities and I think they can plan and execute several projects together,” he said.

Leong added that the proposal for Searca includes several joint projects, including joint conferences, professional development and training, and innovation initiatives.

During the conference, Searca identified low-achieving tasks to partner on in the upcoming Searca Online Learning and Virtual Engagements (Solve) webinar on artificial intelligence. For this webinar, ITEA will be able to contribute experts as resource speakers.

In return, the center will be able to provide expertise for future ITEA events covering topics such as agriculture, climate change and gender, said Sonny Pasiona, Education and Collective Learning Directorate (ECLD) program specialist, Searca Training for Development Unit. Stated.

Pasiona also recommended co-developing training programs tailored to higher education institutions (HEIs).

Sharon Malaiba, Head of Searca Partnership Unit, also announced Searca’s connection with ITEA and the Southeast Asian Universities Consortium for Agriculture and Natural Resources Graduate Education, a network of prominent universities in Southeast Asia, Canada, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. He shared that it can promote

Mr. Malaiba also suggested co-hosting a robotics competition for potential joint innovation initiatives.

Searca Director Glenn Gregorio said the center and ITEA had already agreed to draft a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to formalize the cooperation.

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