Scottish Government to continue vote of confidence after Hamza Yousaf resigns

The Scottish National Party had expected to elect a new leader to replace outgoing First Minister Humza Yousaf.

The Scottish Government has survived a vote of confidence, giving the Scottish National Party (SNP) the chance to choose a new leader to replace outgoing First Minister Humza Yousaf.

Yousaf’s decision to resign as prime minister and SNP leader on Monday has thrown the party into turmoil, raising hopes that Britain’s opposition Labor Party can win back Scottish seats in national elections later this year. .

Opinion polls show Labor is ahead of or equal to the SNP in Scotland for the first time in a decade.

Yousaf said he would resign after the coalition with the Green Party was dissolved. This means the SNP is looking for its third leader in just over a year, and will shake up what once seemed like an iron power in the devolved Scottish government.

The Green Party, which could no longer maintain Mr Yousaf’s position by withdrawing confidence in him personally, joined the SNP in voting against Wednesday’s motion of no confidence in the Scottish Government.

The no-confidence motion was rejected by a vote of 70 to 58.

A government defeat would have led to the resignation of all ministers and was likely to trigger a Scottish general election.

With this outcome avoided, Mr Yousaf will remain prime minister until the SNP elects a new leader. Former SNP leader John Swinney and Yousaf’s former leadership rival Kate Forbes have both said they are considering running.

Glasgow-born Mr Yousaf, whose paternal grandparents and father immigrated to Scotland from Pakistan in the 1960s, is admired as a sophisticated communicator and the SNP hopes he can unite the divided SNP. It was.

In his resignation speech, he said, “I never dreamed that one day I would have the privilege of leading my country.” “When I was young, people who looked like me weren’t in positions of political influence, let alone leading the government.”

Yousaf was the Muslim leader of a major political party and the youngest elected leader in Scotland. He took over the party in March last year following the resignation of long-time leader Nicola Sturgeon. Ms Sturgeon has proposed a transgender recognition bill as she faces division within her party over the best path to Scottish independence.

Police are also investigating the SNP’s finances, and Ms Sturgeon’s husband has been charged with embezzling funds from the SNP. Although she was arrested and questioned, she has not been charged. Both deny wrongdoing.

Analysts told NDMT that the SNP is in crisis and Yousaf’s resignation reflects the party’s current decline as a political force.

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