Bitfinex among first to list SPEC, Native Token of Spectral

Bitfinex first listed Spectral’s native token, SPEC

Road Town, British Virgin Islands – May 2, 2024 – Bitfinex (, the premier digital asset trading platform, today announced that it is the first exchange to list SPEC, the native token of Spectral, a layer 2 protocol deployed on Arbitrum. announced that it would become one. A network designed to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning with blockchain technology to bring capital efficiency on-chain.

Spectral is focused on addressing the untapped credit risk market and risk infrastructure in the Web3 ecosystem. Spectral applied zero-knowledge machine learning (zkML) and distributed verification to build a machine intelligence network that can connect machine learning and smart contracts. Spectral says it will leverage this network to provide a decentralized credit risk assessment infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate with Web3. Through this technology, Spectral leverages machine learning models to quantify a user’s or company’s credit risk in a reliable and neutral way, enabling access to capital without bias or inequality. We are trying to demystify the rating process.

Spectral’s native token, SPEC, acts as a governance token that allows holders to vote on operational decisions and can be used for staking to power the network.

“Spectral’s approach to solving the biases and mysteries inherent in the credit rating industry is interesting. By leveraging machine learning and AI to address the gap in credit risk and risk analysis in Web3, Spectral We are building important innovations for the future and are pleased to be one of the first exchanges to list the SPEC token.” Henry Child, head of tokens at Bitfinex, said:

SPEC deposits are expected to begin at approximately 1:00 PM UTC on May 2, 2024, subject to network conditions. Subject to liquidity requirements being met, trading is expected to commence at approximately 11:00 a.m. on May 6, 2024. SPEC will be tradeable against the US dollar (SPEC/USD) and Tether token (SPEC/USDt).

To access Bitfinex’s SPEC, customers can visit

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