Canned food tricked out to the unwary — a global problem

“A 14-year-old boy was seriously injured and suffered amputation after opening a booby-trapped food can that was discovered while searching for his belongings in his home that had been shelled by Israeli forces in Khan Yunis. “The United Nations Aid Coordination Office said in a statement. (tea)SaidThis was quoted as a statement by a strip official.

The young victim reportedly suffered life-altering injuries Monday.Many people have been injured recently by supplies containing hidden explosives.OCHA said in its latest update on the state of emergency.

United Nations mine countermeasures experts estimate that: 7,500 tons of unexploded ordnance could be ‘scattered’ across Gaza This could take up to 14 years to clear. In the meantime, to reduce the risk to civilians and aid teams, the United Nations Mine Action Agency, UNMAS,called for increasingly urgent assistance from the international community to remove the explosive remnants of war.

10,000 people buried under rubble

In another worrying development, OCHA reported late Wednesday: More than 10,000 people are believed to be buried under the rubble In Gaza.

Entire neighborhoods have been flattened and hundreds of buildings destroyed, amid continued heavy Israeli shelling from the air, land and sea “over large parts of the Gaza Strip,” according to the U.N. aid office.

OCHA, citing the Palestinian Civil Defense Authority, said recovering bodies from the rubble is a major challenge due to a lack of bulldozers, excavators and personnel.

“It could take up to three years to recover the remains using the primitive tools at hand.” The United Nations Secretariat continued, as rising temperatures could accelerate the decomposition of bodies and increase the threat of disease spread.

The ‘nightmare’ must end: UNICEF chief

The U.N. humanitarian chief’s call for an end to hostilities sparked by the October 7 Hamas-led terrorist attack on southern Israel that left around 1,250 people dead and more than 250 taken hostage. The head of government, Catherine Russell, said the “nightmare” must end. .

Almost all of the 600,000 children currently displaced in the southern border city of Rafah are “injured, sick or malnourished.”of united nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) the chief said in .video post At X on Wednesday.

“More than 200 days of war has already left tens of thousands of children dead and seriously injured in Gaza,” Russell added, amid growing concerns about a full-scale Israeli military operation in Rafah. .

1,000 pound bomb

Following the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the southern city of Khan Yunis last month, a United Nations investigation team reported on April 10 that unexploded ordnance was littering streets and public places. In addition, a 1,000-pound bomb was found “littered at major intersections and within schools.”

UN-led efforts to create a safe area for Gazans to return to Khan Yunis continue, including a damage assessment of facilities belonging to the UN Refugee Agency for Palestinians (UNRWA) to map high-risk areas for debris and unexploded ordnance.

Another important aspect of this activity is awareness sessions. The United Nations Mine Action Agency (UNMAS) is reaching around 1.2 million people in the Gaza Strip through social media, mobile texts and leaflets as part of an aid package distributed by other humanitarian partners. . .

The enclave contains a total of 37 million tons of debris, which likely contains about 800,000 tons of asbestos and other contaminants.

Increase in tolls

OCHA, citing Gaza health authorities, reported that 80 Palestinians were killed and 118 injured in Israeli shelling between April 29 and May 1. The same source reported that at least 34,560 Palestinians have been killed and 77,765 injured in Gaza since October 7.

This included a strike on April 29 “around 12:25 p.m.” in which a house in the Tall as-Sultan area west of Rafah was reportedly attacked and two Palestinian women were attacked. A man and two girls were killed and others injured.

OCHA also reported that two Israeli soldiers were killed in the Gaza Strip between April 28 and May 1, according to the Israeli military. As of May 1, 262 Israeli soldiers have been killed and 1,602 soldiers wounded in Gaza since the start of ground operations.


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