Forced labor five days a week confirmed in Chaga village, Chira province: China

The village secretary said, “I haven’t been home for three months and I am leading the ‘karisana’ workers!Today, we brought about 400 people from the village to the ‘karisana’ workers. .”

According to the social media site Doin, on January 8, 2024, a farmer in Chaga village, Chira district, Hotan city, who was forced to do forced labor, died of illness on his way home from work. As the authorities refused to accept responsibility for his death, the family turned to a law firm to resolve the matter legally. Interviews revealed that residents of this village are engaged in forced labor without pay every day.

We called the police station of the small village mentioned in the interview to uncover the truth of this information. The officer said forced labor continues in the village and that he is monitoring labor sites to ensure the “safety” of farmers.

Chaga village The village secretary of Chaga village revealed on Monday (April 29) that about 400 people were taken to forced labor. He said 1,436 people live in the village, and almost all of the workforce is engaged in forced labor. From his statements, it appears that this forced labor continues not only in Chaka village but also in other villages.

Information from the “Doin” stated that the deceased fell ill upon the arrival of the investigation team and was taken to a neighboring village. He said two executives from the district are currently serving in his village. He also said that he had come on a mission from another village and had not returned home for three months, revealing that the forced labor had been going on for a long time.

He was not willing to answer our questions about whether sick or infirm people were involved in forced labor, and said he was not willing to answer our questions about whether sick or infirm people were involved in forced labor, and said that on 8 January this year, “people returning from forced labor” He declined to comment on the incident in which a man died. However, he did not deny that such an incident had occurred. When we asked the person’s name, he said, “I will only tell you when I meet him in person.”

On April 29, he told residents that the ongoing forced labor policy prioritizes stability over economic efficiency.

In a 2014 telephone interview, he said that forced labor called “Durkun Hashar” still continues in Aks Shayar, and that this labor is done to keep people’s minds from thinking “unwanted” thoughts. It became clear that there was.

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