Honda reportedly set aside the worst stigma in the auto industry

Honda is very good at naming their cars. Take a look at the Civic, Accord, Beat, Prelude, and Odyssey. These are all memorable car names that fit their respective products.A good history does not guarantee good results in the future, and brand choice Selling a car called “e:Ny1” in Europe and China At the time, he seemed perplexed. Honda has apparently noticed, as this name is reportedly already ready to be replaced.

While e:Ny1 may seem like a clever play on “Anyone,” it is actually a combination of letters and letters intended to refer to electric vehicles produced in partnership (e:N). It’s a confusing combination of numbers.

according to Report from Autocar, the brand will be removing the e:N prefix from all EVs destined for the Chinese market going forward, as customers “simply can’t pronounce it.” The new system switches to a simpler naming convention of one letter and one number, making e:Ny1 simply Y1. Unfortunately for the customer, this decision was made after the release of his car called e:NS2.

Honda GM Ultium-based US EV is called Prologue, a simple and easy to remember name that makes sense for an electric SUV. American buyers are fortunately exempt from the e:N naming convention, and the new naming convention means the market will have to be spared even if cars based on this architecture appear in the American market in the future .

While this change is good news for Honda buyers in China and Europe, the days of confusing EV names are far from over. Jaguar still sells his gasoline-powered E-Pace and electric I-Pace at the same time, Mercedes sells his sedan called EQS and his SUV called EQS SUV side by side, and Toyota still sells his sedan called EQS and his SUV called EQS SUV side by side. He sells a car called bZ4X.

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