Only 50% of the country’s electricity needs can be distributed: Myanmar

Yesterday’s May 1 statement from the Military Council’s Ministry of Power stated that only 50% of the country’s electricity needs have been met.

He said the total installed capacity of the power plants is about 7,200 megawatts, but hydroelectric and natural gas power plants are unable to operate at full capacity due to reduced power generation.

Currently, an average of 2,800 MW is generated per day, and the country’s electricity demand is approximately 5,500 MW.

46% to Yangon. He said 16% was distributed to Mandalay and 38% to provinces.

A Yangon resident, who requested anonymity for security reasons, told RFA that the prolonged power outage has affected social and economic life.

“It’s inconvenient to work because the lights don’t come on at the right time. Even when the power goes out, it’s out for a long time. For people who work with electricity, this affects business.”

During that time, more than 400,000 non-compliant meters were disconnected and more than 60,000 meters were removed, according to a statement from the Ministry of Electricity and Energy. There is nothing specifically said about not following the rules. After the military coup, a free-of-charge movement took place under the military council, and in some cases meter boxes were removed from participating homes.

In addition, 230 kilovolt and 132 kilovolt transmission lines that transmit electricity across the country were destroyed, 89 towers and five substations were blown up, and power outages were caused.

There are 29 hydroelectric power plants across the country that provide electricity. 27 natural gas plants. Two coal-fired plants. Electricity is supplied nationwide from six solar power plants.

People in Myanmar have been suffering from power outages since the 2021 military coup.

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