Shiba Inu Price Forecast: What Next For SHIB after 27% Dip in 10-Days?
Shiba Inu price and SHIB trading volume | Santiment

On April 28th, Shiba Inu trading volume hit $44.1 million, the lowest in 70 days since February 25th. But more alarmingly, the latest data shows that SHIB’s trading volume reached $171.2 million on May 1st. That’s a $127 million jump from the 70-day low hit last week.

Typically, spikes in trading volume are often attributed to increased demand and market participation. However, in rare cases, when a spike in trading volume coincides with a rapid price decline, as seen in his SHIB chart above, strategic investors view this as a bearish signal for two main reasons. Masu.

First, it suggests that the increase in trading activity may be driven by panic selling and profit-taking rather than pure buying intent. Second, a negative divergence between trading volumes and price movements may indicate a lack of sustainable support for asset prices, which could lead to further downward pressure in the short term.

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