Some towns in northern Rakhine state face drinking water problems: Myanmar

Residents in Rakhine state told RFA that some villages in Phueng Kyun and Kyaukta districts are facing drinking water problems.

He also said that Rakhine State is a region where temperatures get high in the summer, and there are concerns about diarrhea and skin diseases because drinking water is not clean during this period.

In some villages in Phong Nyunt District, families are only given bottled water a day because ponds have dried up, said a volunteer from Phong Nyunt District who requested anonymity.

“Village ponds are self-sufficient for the villagers only. Now that the number of war refugees has increased, the water in the lakes is rapidly drying up. Now, in some villages, a family can only receive water from two plastic bottles. We don’t have water in our village, and in other villages, when the weather is very hot, we have to go far away to get water because we don’t have enough water.”

Water is in short supply every year at this time of year, and this year it will be even more difficult as war casualties rise, he said.

Similarly, some villages in Chautao district are facing problems with drinking water due to the increasing number of people fleeing the war, aid workers told RFA.

Residents asked that the name of the village not be disclosed for fear of bombing.

On March 27, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) also announced that aid to war victims in Rakhine State has decreased and there is a shortage of drinking water.

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