Analyst Predicts 80%-90% Bullish Wave

PEPE is a meme coin that attracted people’s attention due to its rapid rise in price on the market. The fact that the rally hasn’t stopped yet means it could reach new highs soon. Moreover, what is even more surprising about this whole situation is that despite the recent bearish trend that has affected all other coins, PEPE has not lost its momentum and has instead shown remarkable resilience, This is a rapid recovery from recent lows.

An analysis of the coin’s recent performance shows a slight positive change. Specifically, PEPE has increased by 0.31% this week alone. Although small, this move would have been very impressive considering the current difficulties in the crypto market.

Fast forward to the current moment, and the numbers continue to show their increasing prominence. With a current price of $0.057689, a 24-hour trading volume of an astonishing $1.26 billion, and a market capitalization of $3.23 billion, its presence in the cryptocurrency field is undeniable. Moreover, the latest data reveals that PEPE price has surged by 9.60% in the past 24 hours, further solidifying its position as a notable player in the crypto market.

Analysts see PEPE surging 80% to 90%

Crypto analyst World of Charts recently said, expressed The bullish sentiment on PEPE suggests that the cryptocurrency is on the verge of another major breakout. According to their analysis, PEPE has formed a bullish flag pattern and is currently testing its upside resistance level.

If there is a breakout from this pattern, World of Charts predicts the possibility of another bullish wave, predicting an 80-90% rally in the coming days.

We consider this attitude towards PEPE’s future outlook to be highly optimistic as it focuses on the resistance levels indicated by technical analysis indicators as well as the considerable profit opportunities derived from the bullish flag pattern. can do. This suggests that there may still be room for PEPE to rise, thus creating an opportunity for those who want to invest further in this cryptocurrency to profit.

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