Cathay Pacific’s stormy flight, Malaysia’s Forest City casino, Japan’s armpit onigiri: SCMP’s 7 highlights of the week

3. Hong Kong marks Labour Day with fireworks, but display fizzles out for some

The fireworks were set to the music of the daily “Symphony of Lights” multimedia show. Photo: Yik Yeung-man

Hong Kong welcomed holidaying mainland Chinese visitors with a fireworks show in Victoria Harbour on Wednesday in the first instalment of a monthly series of pyrotechnics displays, but not all attendees were impressed with the “budget-style” effort.

4. As Beijing’s ‘Made in China 2025’ plan nears finish line, how well has it done?

Illustration: Lau Ka-kuen
In 2015, China set out on an ambitious 10-year plan – dubbed “Made in China 2025” – to achieve self-reliance, innovation and strength in the manufacturing industry within 10 years. But during that time, a trade war with the United States has done its best to stop China crossing off its list of goals. Now, with only eight months left until 2025, the South China Morning Post has investigated China’s progress.

5. Furore in Malaysia over PM Anwar’s ‘threats’ after Forest City casino report

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is facing criticism for leading calls to shut down a contentious report on casino plans for a flatlining urban project, as the Forest City fallout unfolds and questions mount over the hold of Islamists on public discourse.

6. Japan’s latest bizarre delicacy: armpit rice balls made with cute girls’ sweat

A classic Japanese snack, the rice ball, has taken on a new culinary form, which bizarrely involves the underarm sweat of the women who prepare it. Photo: SCMP composite/Shutterstock/

A strange new twist on a classic Japanese snack, which involves the underarm sweat of the women who prepare it, is being proudly promoted in some high-end establishments.

7. China captivated by Thai politician caught in bed with adopted son who is monk

Mainland social media has been captivated by the case of a 45-year-old female politician in Thailand who was caught having an affair with her adopted son, who also happened to be a monk. The affair has rocked Thailand after Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh was caught on video in bed with 24-year-old monk Phra Maha.

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