Conference, Alpha Testnet and Ether Pre-sale Updates

Important Notice: The information in this post regarding selling Ether is very old and probably inaccurate. For information about the sale, please refer only to the latest blog posts and official documentation on

Ethereum received an incredible response at the Miami Bitcoin Conference. We went there expecting a lot of technical questions as well as philosophical discussions about the purpose of Ethereum. However, the overwhelming interest and enthusiasm for this project was far greater than we expected. Vitalik’s presentation was greeted with a standing ovation and a line of questions that took hours to respond to.

We intend to provide an equal opportunity to everyone who wishes to participate and are considering the logistical and regulatory issues associated with a token sale of this scale, so the sale will begin on February 1st. We have decided to postpone. The new sales start date will be announced on the official website

The Ethereum Project is also looking forward to announcing the alpha release of its open source testnet client to the community in early February. This gives people the opportunity to participate in projects, experiment with Ethereum scripts and contracts, and gain a deeper understanding of the technical characteristics of the Ethereum platform. By launching the testnet on this day, those interested in fundraising will have the opportunity to better understand what the Ethereum project is about before participating.

The testnet includes sending and receiving transactions, full support for early versions of the scripting language described in the whitepaper, and may or may not include mining. This also becomes the first major cryptocurrency project to have two official clients released at the same time, one written in C++ and the other in Go. A Python client is also in development. An Ethereum CLL to Ethereum script compiler will be released soon.

Security considerations

The Ether sale will not start on February 1st, so any attempt to raise funds at this point will be considered a scam. There have been some scams on the forums, so be careful and only assume that information posted on is legitimate. It is important to emphasize to everyone that they should only trust information published and posted on, as many people can impersonate us.

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