Denmark increases defense spending in consideration of Russia’s long war

MILAN — Denmark plans to increase defense spending by another $5.1 billion over the next four years to accelerate investment in military forces as the government warns Russia is preparing for a long war. .

As the Ukraine war enters its 800th day and the fighting shows little sign of being resolved in the foreseeable future, European countries are redoubling efforts to pump more money into their military systems.

The Danish government announced this week that it will increase defense spending again from 2024 to 2028. Last year, the Scandinavian country had already committed to investing $21 billion in defense over the next 10 years.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Denmark’s defense spending in 2023 will increase by 39% from the previous year to $8.1 billion.

“Europe’s security situation has worsened since we decided on the Danish defense pact last summer. Russia is preparing for a long war and could become a potential threat to our NATO allies within a few years. ” said Danish Minister of Defense Troels Land Poulsen. Said.

The additional funds will be used to strengthen Denmark’s frontline Army 1st Heavy Brigade, which is allocated to the NATO response force, to increase land-based air defense systems, and to strengthen the navy’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

The forces in question must be deployable on short notice under NATO standards and will receive new tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

Denmark borders the Baltic Sea and the North Sea along 8,750 kilometers of coastline, which could make it vulnerable if tensions between NATO and Russia escalate in the region.

After the Copenhagen submarine sale in 2004, lawmakers have gone back and forth on the possibility of acquiring or leasing new undersea platforms.

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