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A group defending Palestinian prisoners of war claims that Adnan Albarash, head of the orthopedic surgery department, died “as a result of torture.”

A prominent Palestinian doctor at Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip has died in an Israeli prison after being detained for more than four months, according to the Gaza Strip’s Ministry of Health and an advocacy group for Palestinian prisoners.

In a joint statement, the Palestinian Prisoners of War Committee and the Palestinian Prisoners of War Association announced that Adnan Albarash, the chief orthopedic surgeon at Gaza’s largest medical facility, was detained by Israeli forces while temporarily treating a patient at Al-Awda Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. . Thursday’s statement.

Both groups accused Israel of “murdering” another medical worker, describing it as an “assassination.”

With his death, the Gaza Health Ministry announced that the total number of medical workers who have died since the Israeli war in Gaza broke out in October has reached 496.

“The murder of Dr. Albarash will not be the last crime, given the complete secrecy of the conditions of prisoners in prison, especially those arrested from the Gaza Strip,” the report said. Stated.

Francesca Albanese, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, said she was “deeply concerned” to learn of al-Barash’s death.

“Today, no Palestinian is safe under Israeli occupation. How many more lives will be lost until United Nations member states, especially those that show real concern for human rights around the world, act to protect Palestinians?” Will it be taken away?”

Al-Barash died on April 19, the prisoners’ organization said, citing the Palestinian Authority. They claimed his death was “part of a systematic targeting of Gaza’s doctors and health system,” adding that he died “as a result of torture.”

On April 19, Israel’s prisons issued a statement saying that a prisoner held for national security reasons had died at Ofer prison. Details regarding the cause of death were not disclosed.

A spokesperson for the Prisons Agency confirmed the reference to al-Barash in a statement and said the incident was under investigation, Reuters reported.

In response to a question about the reported deaths in custody, the Israeli military told AFP news agency: [an] Incident. “

Mr. Al-Barash “died after being tortured by Israeli forces in a secret detention center. He was a great surgeon full of vitality,” British-Palestinian surgeon Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitter posted on X.

Abu Shitta, who volunteered at medical facilities in Gaza during the first weeks of the Israeli war and worked at al-Shifa and al-Arkhi Baptist hospitals, said that al-Barash had “taken hostages from al-Awda hospital. He wrote, “and added: He was bludgeoned to death by Israeli guards.

Target doctors and hospitals

Al-Barash, 50, was arrested in December along with other doctors at al-Awda hospital near Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza.

Prisoners’ rights groups said his body remains in the custody of Israeli authorities.

The safety of the other doctors remains unknown.

According to the Geneva Conventions, attacks on medical facilities and workers are prohibited under international humanitarian law, but Israeli forces have repeatedly targeted them.

The Health Ministry said about 1,500 medical workers were also injured during the war, and 309 remain in Israeli prisons.

He called on the international community and health and human rights organizations to intervene and protect prisoners of war held in Israel.

Israel has regularly accused Hamas of using hospitals for military purposes and says its operations are justified by the presence of fighters, but it has provided no evidence to support that claim. Not yet. Hamas and his medical officials deny such claims.

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