Important Statement regarding the Ether pre-sale

The Ethereum Project has had the great privilege of launching a PoC testnet and engaging with the cryptocurrency community over the past two months. During our experience, we encountered a lot of passionate support and great questions, which helped us refine our ideas and goals, including the process we will ultimately use to sell Ether. I did. That said, we have not finalized the structure and format of the Ether pre-sale and do not recommend, encourage or approve any attempt to sell, trade or acquire Ether.

We recently learned that has announced some form of Ether-based funding structure. They are in no way affiliated with and do not represent the Ethereum Project., and in our opinion they are potentially leading their own clients into situations they don’t understand, and are doing a disservice to the Ethereum community. Offering to sell Ether that doesn’t yet exist in order to mislead buyers would be considered irresponsible at this point. Buyer beware.

We will wait until more information is released about the Ethereum project, the potential value of Ether crypto fuel, and until lawyers in each country clarify what the securities and regulatory issues are when selling Ether. , requesting to stop offering Ether forwards. Citizens of different countries.

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