Let’s ride the storm | News Sarawak Tribune

Written by Maya Green

It’s morning and the sun has disappeared
There’s a storm outside
And the western sea became dark
It’s like — an angry face.

I’m all trapped inside
We’re in the middle of a storm
my mind is starting to get dull
It’s hard to think, ’cause there’s a storm inside

the storm brewing inside
It’s definitely gaining momentum
It’s a storm, so I have to ride it
It’s a bigger storm, this is inside

The storm outside will soon pass
Every time a storm comes, it loses its momentum
As if the dark night always continues
By the joy of the morning light

The morning passes again today
In the storm raging outside
have an advantage
But it’s only for a moment, and it’ll pass

Yes, there’s a time for everything
For now, I’m riding this inner storm,
looking forward to calm seas
The storm is raging here,

Hope is a lifeline for me and you
Trust the life jacket, that’s for sure
We can get through this storm, that’s for sure.
Even — if we’re right, then look

(An allegory of the soul’s journey through earthly life)

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