Nabamart: New features added to WhatsApp

The head of WhatsApp announced that the application will receive additional features to improve its ability to control the organization of events and increase interaction between users.

According to available information, WhatsApp’s first feature will be the ability to create “events” in group chats. Any member of the group can create an event and it will appear at the top of the chat. , will also be available from the group information page, making meeting hosting and event planning more convenient for all participants.

The second new feature allows group members to respond to updates published by group admins. Additionally, responses to these updates will not be visible to all participants to avoid unnecessary notification overload.

This feature allows users to more actively participate in discussions by responding to specific messages and adding context to messages.

WhatsApp said these features will be available to all users in the coming months and will make group chats even more interesting.

Some websites have recently indicated that the chat list in the WhatsApp application will soon have filters similar to those in Telegram. Because these filters help users categorize their chats into folders.

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