People struggling to get permission to work abroad are hopeless: Myanmar

Since the military council has suspended overseas work permits for Myanmar nationals from May 1, many people are borrowing money at high interest rates to go abroad to work. Officials say people trying to sell all their mortgages are facing hardship and despair.

The closure does not include people who received permission from the Labor Ministry to travel abroad until the end of April.

However, starting May 1, Nyunt Win, Permanent Secretary of the Military Council’s Ministry of Labor, confirmed to RFA that men attempting to travel abroad will be temporarily suspended.

“The dispatch of male migrant workers will be suspended. Not all MOUs posted by the end of April are within the limits. From May 1st, the posting of male migrant workers will be suspended. The program will be temporarily suspended for both male and female applicants, and women will continue to be dispatched. ”

He said the restrictions apply to men who submitted their work to the Labor Department before May and are awaiting approval, as well as all men who seek to retire after May 1.

At every turn Ko Thein Gai, 27, who was born into a farming family in Minbu, is about to leave Japan after selling his mother and sister’s jewelry.

“Now my dreams are shattered and I don’t know what to do.”

My mother and sister sold all the gold and silver they had because it currently costs about 40 million yen to pay for passport mailing and overseas job placement fees. Ko Thein Ngui said it wasn’t enough, so he had to borrow money from others at high interest rates.

Ko Thein Ngui said her dreams have now been shattered and she doesn’t know what to do next.

“We were able to sell what we had and leave Japan. The politics here are also bad. There are no jobs. Now that the store is closed, everyone is in trouble. I will mail my passport. I will tell the agent. Only 3 million was deposited. The book cost about 40 dollars in total. Now that foreign calls are closed, it’s not clear when it will start again. I’m scared. I don’t know how to pay back the money I borrowed.”

Ma Soo Soo, who has been working at a garment factory in Yangon for more than 10 years, is unable to go to Japan because of high prices. So he is trying to work with his brother in his neighboring country, Thailand, where he can get less money.

Ma Su Su told RFA that the interest payments are causing headaches for the entire family.

“We will be in even more trouble if people who receive money with interest, including payment institutions, from passports to working abroad are shut down like this. Because I thought it would be more convenient for me to work.”You pay interest on the cost of going out, but how do you repay that money? The whole family is struggling to pay the interest. ”

The issue is relevant to Thailand, where most Myanmar citizens often go to work. Nihon University Kyaw Htin Kyaw (2), vice president of the Myanmar Overseas Employment Service Providers Federation, said the ban’s main purpose is to restrict new job recruitment from Singapore and Middle East countries from May 2nd. He said that this is true.

Prime Minister Kyaw Htin Kyaw commented that the military council’s order could cause difficulties not only for people trying to go abroad, but also for the employment agencies that serve them.

“If you collect money in advance and do nothing, there is no need to connect to a hotel agency. There are brokers at the table who do not need to connect to this agency. No (1) workers do Agencies that were supposed to send the boys will no longer be able to do so, so agencies will also be affected. ”

People from Myanmar who want to get formal employment through connections with the government and major foreign companies can obtain a passport called PJ (Passport For Job). If you just want to take a tour, be sure to bring your Passport for Visits (PV).

Currently, the Labor-Military Council’s restrictions are primarily aimed at banning men who go abroad with PJ-type passports.

Political analyst U Than Soe Naing believes that whatever type of passport is banned, the military council’s purpose in banning passports is primarily to target men. This is because men need human resources for military service training.

“I think the abolition of overseas travel permits means that there are not enough people for the second round of military training. That is why this order was issued. This is because adult males are no longer allowed to travel abroad. “We’re thinking about what that means. We’re doing this because we’re having a hard time enforcing the military service law.”

Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to freedom of movement within the borders of their country. Additionally, the right to freely leave your country of residence or any other country. He is said to have the right to return.

However, in Myanmar, which has taken over power, not only freedom of movement within the country but also the right to travel abroad is restricted.

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