Raising awareness of cyber threats

Subscribers + Exclusive Analysis — Top cybersecurity officials are sounding the alarm about intrusions into critical U.S. infrastructure by Russians, Chinese and private hackers, but they are also noticing another problem. That means it’s difficult to get ordinary Americans to pay attention. There are plenty of other things to worry about when it comes to global news and information (it goes without saying) Disinformation), it’s a legitimate concern. And when it comes to cybersecurity, listening to the public is more than just a public service. It’s a must have. Because if the people ignore this particular problem, it will become even more difficult to fight this problem.

With this in mind, the Cyber ​​Initiative Group’s (CIG) recent summit featured sessions with top U.S. cybersecurity experts and CIA-turned-Hollywood producers to uncover the creative minds behind popular movies and series. We considered the basic question: Can brains help with cybersecurity? Are the experts getting the message across? And will they do it in such a way that more Americans become smarter about their technological devices?

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