Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino Refutes Rumors Of A Database Hack

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino disputed rumors that there may have been a database hack at Bitfinex, saying they were likely false.

Paolo made post Published in X about a database hack in which hackers allegedly uploaded two large links containing sample data including 22.5,000 email addresses and passwords.

He clarified that the company will not keep 2FA secrets or cleartext passwords to allay concerns about the security of user accounts. He added that out of the 22,500 emails, only 5,000 were addressed to Bitfinex customers, and that even if the breach were real, the impact would be minimal.

Notably, the alleged hackers have not contacted Bitfinex, raising questions about the credibility of their claims. Paolo emphasized that there will be no ransom demands through traditional channels such as bug bounties, customer support tickets, or social media platforms.

Although security researchers hyped this breach, it appears that the hackers were collecting data from various cryptocurrency breaches. Tether has conducted a thorough analysis of its systems and has found no breaches. These guarantee users that their funds are safe.

Finally, he emphasized his commitment to user security, assuring the community that their funds are safe and vowing to constantly monitor them to avoid any possible risks.

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