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24 hours low – 24 hours high ¥83.23¥83.64 24 hour price changes -0.1117 24 hour price fluctuation rate -0.13% 24-hour change in market capitalization 23,82,15,22,311 24 hour market capitalization change rate 0.26% start date March 2, 2015 Market capitalization

Market capitalization = current price x circulating supply.

¥92,38,76,68,04,073 Volume

Cryptocurrencies are bought and sold at different rates, and you can see how popular they are by looking at how many transactions are being made for a single coin. Volume simply refers to the number of transactions in a cryptocurrency that took place in the past 24 hours.

¥38,80,62,80,09,379 Fully diluted market capitalization

Fully Diluted Market Capitalization (FDMC) = Price x Maximum Supply

¥92,38,76,68,04,073 circulating supply

Cryptocurrency is “mined” by performing complex calculations to generate “coins”. Of these, only a certain number are distributed and sold to the general public. That is circulating supply, similar to floating stocks in the stock market.

1,10,76,90,88,394.97 BTC Maximum supply amount

Some cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have fixed limits on the number of coins that can be mined. This is done by design, so for example, only 21 million Bitcoins will be mined. The maximum supply of Litecoin is also 84 million. On the other hand, some cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Litecoin do not have a cap.

Total supply

The total supply is the maximum supply minus all the coins already mined minus the coins that have been burnt. If you’re familiar with the stock market, you can think of it like outstanding shares.


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