‘Full-scale famine’ occurs in northern Gaza

World Food Program Director Cindy McCain sit down for a while interview Discussing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza with NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker, he said there was “full-scale famine” in northern Gaza.

“When there are conflicts like this, when emotions run high, when there is war, there is famine. So what I can explain to you is: [that] There’s real hunger in the North, and it’s moving south,” McCain told Welker in an interview scheduled to air in full on Sunday.

President McCain expressed grave concern as the humanitarian crisis continues and called for a “ceasefire” for “unfettered access” to safely deliver food to Gaza.

Welker followed up with McCain in an interview, asking:[what] you are saying [is] There is a full-scale famine in northern Gaza.” The head of the World Food Program responded, “That’s right.”

The United Nations Food Agency issued the following statement in March: statementwarned that famine is “imminent” in Gaza as the war between Israel and Hamas escalates.

Mr. McCain previously said: report From the World Food Program (WFP): “The people of Gaza are now starving to death. The speed with which this man-made hunger and malnutrition crisis is hitting Gaza is frightening.”

During the interview, Mr. Welker clarified that there was no official declaration of famine in the Gaza Strip, but Mr. McCain expressed that what he had seen was “this is horror.”

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