It is essential to preserve cultural traditions and heritage

shiv: Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Seri Tiong King Singh said our country’s cultural traditions and heritage, such as Sape music, remain an irreplaceable treasure and a source of pride for all Sarawakians. He pointed out that it must be protected.

He emphasized the importance of future generations as they play a vital role in shaping our national and cultural identity.

“The establishment of the Kelab Sape Dayak Sibu (KSDS) Center will provide a dedicated space to preserve the traditional music of the Orang Ulu community, especially the sape,” said Representative Councilor Istanbul at today’s inauguration ceremony. He said this in a speech read out by Paul Teo.

Mr. Tiong emphasized the need to foster the interest and participation of the younger generation, who are the custodians of our country’s heritage.

“I am pleased to see the enthusiastic participation of so many young people in this club. It reflects our collective efforts to enhance our cultural heritage,” he said. .

Mr Tiong, who is also a Toto City Council member, expressed confidence that the youth’s passion for culture will promote harmony, unity, mutual respect and understanding between diverse communities.

He called on the KSDS committee and members to continue their efforts to preserve and promote local culture and art, and to further increase awareness.

KSDS Chairman Anthony Abong was also in attendance.

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