It’s in the Name: Rock Paper Scissors DRAW!

A quick Google search reveals that the game of rock, paper, scissors originated in China in the 1600s and was adopted by Japan to become the game it is today. It’s crazy to think that the game my wife and I play to see who can pay for the groceries started more than 300 years ago on the other side of the world.

1×2 Gaming brings gaming to its latest evolution with Rock Paper Scissors DRAW!

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The rules are basic. If you’ve ever played rock, paper, scissors, you know this. Stones beat rock-paper-scissors, paper beats rock-paper-scissors, and scissors beat paper. If you spit out the same thing as your opponent, it’s a draw. What makes this game interesting is the draw.

It's just as the name says ---Rock, Paper, Scissors Draw!_special_image_1

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In a standard rock-paper-scissors game, if there is a tie, another round must be played. In the casino game Rock Paper Scissors Draw!, you can advance up the prize board with draws. By combining several draws, you can increase the win multiplier from his 1.5x the base amount to 100x the maximum multiplier amount. This is the highlight feature of this game and makes it a little bit better than your standard rock, paper, scissors game.

Rock, paper, scissors is DRAW! Is carpal tunnel worth it?

As referenced above, the Rock Paper Scissors DRAW! maximum multiplier is only 100x your bet. This means that even if you are betting up to $100 per spin, you can only win up to $10,000 in winnings. However, this slot has low volatility, meaning the gameplay focuses on small, consistent wins rather than infrequent big wins. His RTP for this slot is 97%.

I love discovering things that are surprising and unconventional. That’s exactly what a rock-paper-scissors lottery is like. Offers. Not much, but I stayed a lot longer than I had hoped to climb the prize pool ladder. That being said, I’m not confident I’ll be back. The novelty of it certainly got me hooked, but its simplicity doesn’t keep me coming back for more. That being said, you shouldn’t skip this. Give it a try and go a little crazy like Flappy Birds was back when they were all the rage. I give this he a 7 out of 10.

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