Our diverse backgrounds make us unique: Royston

Annoying: Telian MP Royston Valentine said differences in background make Sarawakians unique.

“We should be grateful that we were born in Sarawak where we can see and share the culture of each race.

“But cooperation is important to ensure that the solidarity we have with each other remains intact at all times,” he said.

He was speaking at the Jom Raya program organized by the Sarawak National Security Council (MKN) and the district intelligence agency at Dewan Datuk Awang Udin in Kampung Datuk here recently.

“Not only do people need to work together, but we, as representatives of the people, need to do the same to ensure that the development of this region is in line with other regions.

“We need to look at the shortcomings and improve them so that the people can enjoy the development brought about by the people’s representatives in this region,” he explained.

MKN Sarawak chief of staff Wadi Semang, Mukah district information officer Shahrurizan Madian and acting Mukah district officer Pereazman Ahip were also present.

Royston (4th from the right) received a souvenir from MKN Sarawak during the program.

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