There is no SST for ship repairs and overhauls

shiv: Ship repairs and overhauls are exempt from Sales & Services Tax (SST).

At the announcement, Sarawak Maritime Industry Association (Samin) Chairman Dr Renko Yong said the exemption was due to the contribution of AMIM (Malaysian Marine Industry Association), Samin and many other associations to the maritime industry.

“In addition to our global efforts, we have also been resolute in our efforts to foster dialogue and cooperation with various government departments, agencies and stakeholders,” he said on May 3. He made the remarks at the Samin 5th Anniversary Banquet held here on Friday.

. “Through forums, seminars, and conferences, we address industry challenges, advocate for policy reforms, and build partnerships that move the industry forward.

“Our commitment to open dialogue and constructive engagement is fundamental to our success.”

The auspicious occasion, graced by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan, also included the launch of the second edition of Samin on Sarawak Maritime Industry and the publication of its theme song.

Mr Yong said the past six years have been a testament to the power of collaboration, dedication and collective vision that has turned Samin into a dynamic and influential force within the maritime community.

“One of the hallmarks of our journey is our unwavering commitment to showcasing Sarawak’s maritime excellence on the world stage.

“Through our participation in maritime exhibitions in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta and Kuching, we not only promoted our members’ shipbuilding products and ship repair services, but also promoted Sarawak’s position as a major player in the international maritime sector. It has become more well-known.”

But he said it’s also important to recognize the unfinished business that remains.

“There are several projects and initiatives that will require the continued dedication and involvement of new committees, advisors and council members,” he said.

He pointed out that these include the development of a 150-acre new industrial zone in Sibu Panas by Mintred, the establishment of the Sarawak Maritime Training Center and the realization of the Kuala Paro Maritime Industrial Zone.

Among those in attendance were Dewan Rakyat Deputy Chairman Alice Lau, Deputy Minister of Health, Housing and Local Government Datuk Michael Tian, ​​Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Joshua Ting, and Sibu China Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Datuk Lau. They include Mr. Chen Kyung and Honorary Life Professor Samin. Chairman Ngieng Ping Sing and Organizing Committee Chairman Ling Tiu Khin.

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